Svekon’s successful collaboration with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) continues. In 2020, Svekon was commissioned to develop the Rubber Boat Patrol, a boat intended for the Navy and Army, complete with engine and accessories. In August 2023, the final delivery of a total of 48 boats to the Swedish Armed Forces took place.

Developed to enhance tactical and technical capabilities

The Rubber Boat Patrol is a type of FC boat (Zodiac Milpro FC 470 EVOL 7), a boat used by most modern elite forces worldwide. The Rubber Boat Patrol is developed to enhance tactical and technical capabilities in both daylight and darkness, and as a result, there are many requirements. The boat is both submersible and, thanks to specially developed sections of pontoons, can maintain buoyancy even if it is subjected to shrapnel and gunshot damage. It is also optimized for airdrops with parachutes and helidrops, as well as underwater cache operations.

“We have undertaken similar projects in the past, and I must say that the collaboration with Svekon has been incredibly good from day one. We have complemented each other well, there has been clear and open communication from both sides and I look forward to collaborating with Svekon on more projects in the future.”

Trond Underhaug, CEO, Frydenbø Marine

Trond Underhaug, CEO på Frydenbø Marine, talks about the project.

Staffan Razavi, Team Manager på Svekon, talks about the project.

The delivery: 48 boats with engines and 10 additional engines

The project involves the procurement of 48 Rubber Boat Patrols with engines and 10 additional outboard motors for dual mounting, along with options for the acquisition of an additional 42 Rubber Boat Patrols with engines and 10 extra motors. The delivery of the 48 boats with their corresponding engines took place in two partial deliveries, one in March and one in August 2023.

Training for technical personnel and users

Svekon’s delivery also includes training. This includes training for technical personnel on technology and maintenance, as well as training for storage personnel on handling and storage. Additionally, there is user-oriented training for the Swedish Armed Forces’ instructors, who then train soldiers and officers how to use the boat and its accessories.

“I am proud of my colleagues in the team who have worked on this project. I am also proud of the final product. It is a highly competent system.”

Staffan Razavi, Team Lead – Defence and Security, Svekon

A tailored team with several different specialized skills

In the project, Svekon has delivered according to the Svekon Team model, where various capabilities are handpicked for different roles and phases of the project. The majority are engineers with various types of specialized expertise. In the team, Svekon has provided a designer, simulation expert, systems safety expert, ILS engineers, technical writer, illustrator, systems developer, verification manager, and project manager.

Engine rig with integrated fire function

Both the boat and engines should be easily carried by the users. Therefore, an integrated system was developed with an engine rig that can be disassembled and used as a stretcher when the engine needs to be carried.

“Having a close collaboration with FMV, the Swedish Armed Forces, and Frydenbø Marine has been a key factor for success.”

Staffan Razavi, Team Lead – Defence and Security, Svekon

The key to success – a close collaboration

In a large and exciting project, which became more complex due to the pandemic that broke out at the start, the key to success has been a close collaboration with both the client FMV and the partner Frydenbø Marine, who supplied both the boats and the engines.