The safety switch market has largely remained unchanged in the past 20 years. With a vision of how the product could potentially be improved, Norwesco turned to Svekon. Together, we have developed the first safety switch with quick connect on the market – an ultra-flexible safety switch that can be installed on any cable, in any environment.


Traditionally, electronic cables need to be manually fitted to a safety switch to ensure its position. With the new quick connect solution, this is no longer the case. Instead, the installer can install the safety switch both more efficiently and faster.


To make the safety switch as flexible as possible we have developed a quick connect solution that can handle a wide range of cables in a safe and secure manner – from thicker 6mm2 down to thin 0.75 mm2. A safety switch will need different configurations depending on the installation, which we have covered by building the product using adaptable modules. With this solution, different safety switch setups can be mounted with flexibility, effectivity, and safety in mind.



To create a product that is as user friendly as possible we have not only used our own competence in the form of mechanical construction, industrial design and project management – together with Norwesco we have also worked closely with the end user, in this case the installer who will use the product in their daily work. Together we designed a specification of requirements based on the use cases of the end user, such as mounting, cable installation, wet environments, servicing and recycling. We then designed a product that has been verified and is in mass production.