SHOX came to Svekon with a vision of two products that could reduce wear and tear injuries in padel. Together, we’ve developed Lamina and Vibra, which help reduce the vibrations that cause injuries such as tennis elbow.

From Idea to Finished Product in Six Months

We have helped Shox take the project from idea to finished product through a rapid development process in just over six months. Svekon’s work has included idea generation, design, material selection, supplier contacts, prototyping, evaluation, purchasing, validation of function, strategy and design protection.

Shox Grip

About Lamina

Lamina is a moulded pull-on handle cover that is pulled over the player’s paddle racket. The material then helps to reduce the vibrations up to the arm in each ball contact.

Shox undergrip

About Vibra

Vibra is a grip wrap that wraps around the player’s racket. Like Lamina, Vibra helps to reduce vibrations up to the arm.

The Challenge

In order to prevent injuries but at the same time increase the feel and pressure of the impacts, the focus in development has been primarily on the choice of materials. This, combined with aiming for the lowest possible weight, has been crucial to the success of the project.

The Result

The products have already been launched in Sweden and in the Nordic region, with a positive response from the market. In the future, Shox plans to expand further both geographically and product-wise, which we hope will be the beginning of a long-term partnership.