With 80 years of experience of installing and servicing air treatment plants, Ventilator is a specialist in its area. When they wanted to develop their own wall and ceiling system for cleanrooms, they turned to Svekon. The project was done in close cooperation with Ventilator and started with a benchmarking of existing cleanroom systems on the market. After that, a complete requirement specification for the system and its modules could be produced.


Many existing systems in the market have a framework of aluminum, but in this system, sheet metal was chosen for a more flexible and easy-to-assemble solution. Ventilator also wanted to reduce the time-consuming task of fixating the wall panels with screws during assembly. The solution to this problem was the development of a flexible locking system, where both roof and wall panels are pressed in place instead of fixated with screws. This will save valuable time and thus also cost during assembly.

In the project, doors, lighting fixtures, air supply ducts, air exhaust ducts and extension cabinets have also been designed.

A first installation was carried out in Stockholm before the summer of 2016 on time and on budget, despite tight time and cost frames.


In order for Ventilator to meet the market demand for the new system, Svensk Konstruktionstjänst also helped with establishing a supply chain for production of the modules in a European country.

The project is ongoing and Svensk Konstruktionstjänst continues to assist Ventilator with design and further development of the system and its components.

”Svekon’s participation and innovation capacity in the development of our own cleanroom system has been both rewarding and profitable for us. Svekon has assisted us all the way from development to production and we have also benefited from Svekon’s broad supplier network, which now has become an important part of our own supply chain. ”

Catinka Ullman, Head of Cleanroom, Ventilator.