For several years, Svekon has had a successful collaboration with FMV, Försvarets Materielverk, which provides the armed forces with services and materials. Because of this, it was natural for Patria Land System OY to ask Svekon to develop a new weapon mount for the armored all-terrain vehicle 360A. In 2021, Svekon developed and delivered the weapon mount named Tailgun to Patria – a project that showed that Svekon can deliver high-quality products even on short notice.

The task to produce the weapon mount Tailgun came to Svekon in September 2021. Tailgun is mounted in direct connection to the hatches on the roof of the armored vehicle 360A.

The challenge? It needed to be delivered before the end of the year.


For natural reasons, FMV has very high demands on their suppliers and the products they deliver. The products must function regardless of the situation. This means every step of manufacturing must be reviewed carefully – everything from construction to material selection, tolerances and surface treatment. Delivering this within a very limited timeframe created challenges in the project, both regarding production and logistics.


After the construction was developed, verified and approved, we entered the next phase – the production. Through Svekon’s expertise within supply chain management and wide network, we managed to put together a multi-national production chain. Svekon managed subcontractors from Finland, Lithuania and Sweden who worked together to produce the right products, of the right quality, at the right time. Through an efficient schedule and well-functioning collaboration, Svekon managed to deliver the ordered weapon mounts to Patria before the end of the year.