The Swedish Defense Material Administration, FMV, is part of Swedens total defense. Their task is to deliver services and material to the Armed Forces. For FMV, Svekon has produced the Swedish documentation needed for the Armed Forces to implement the new Air Force System LvS103 in its operations. 

When FMV bought the Air Force System LvS103 (Patria) from the United States, Svekon was hired to take care of the Swedish documentation. It includes operations instructions, material care and maintenance plans. 

About LVS103

LvS103 is a medium-range air defense system that improves the defense against enemy planes and fast homing robots. It consists of radar systems that search for and tracks planes, robots, combat command centers and support systems like  power stations. The main parts are purchased from the United States. It will primarily be used by the anti-aircraft regiment LV6 based in Halmstad and will be deployed in various locations in Sweden. 


Svekon has been working on the adaptions of the documentation for LvS103 since autumn 2019. The basic information was delivered in English from US authorities.  This was then translated and adapted to work in the Swedish defense – both in terms of adaptions to existing templates, language use, maintenance plans and purely practical things such as weather conditions. 

We started from existing documentation to 99%. Then we looked for gaps that lacked information and documentation that the Swedish Armed Forces require. Usually it’s not this much we can use, this was a very good base of information to start from.

Tomas Hultgren, ILS Manager, Svekon