The products developed by SnigelDesign include several specialist backpacks, bags, ballistic and tactical vests. SnigelDesign is highly regarded all over the world for its customer focus and unique way of developing and supplying products that are highly popular with users. Because company employees themselves use the products professionally when working for the Swedish Home Guard, they know what it takes to produce a really good product.


SnigelDesign conducts all of its development work on site in Stockholm. The team turned to SVEKON for support with the development of the company’s textile products. The objective of the assignment, which took place at SnigelDesign’s premises, was to develop design and production documentation for new textile products, primarily for personal carried equipment such as ballistic and tactical vests and tailored bags and covers. The purpose of the task was to refine and improve existing products in order to meet the needs of end customers, and also to develop entirely new designs in accordance with requirement specifications. Tomas Hultgren of Svekon has many years’ experience of developing textile products such as bags, slings and cargo nets.

Svekon’s participation in our projects has been both a rewarding and profitable experience. Tomas quickly understood the task and has been a real asset to us. He is incredibly talented and we are very happy with his contribution, in both professional and social terms. He managed the projects in close collaboration with Snigel’s seamstresses and in production. Because he works so quickly, the task has taken less time than we had expected and the project we planned is nearly completed.”

Carl Jonasson CEO SnigelDesign

Ett smartare sätt att hänga en tavla - Absolut Art
Ett smartare sätt att hänga en tavla - Absolut Art