Since 1994, Labino have been offering UV lamps for use in non-destructive testing, with the goal of identifying defects in metals requiring extreme abrasion resistance. The application is intended primarily for the automotive, aviation, oil and gas industries.

The hand-held UV lamp Midbeam is used for detecting defects in all types of metals. The lamp is produced abroad, but higher demands on the product has led Labino to decide that a new, improved version should be constructed, and that the production should be brought home to Sweden.


The task for Svekon, which initially involved designing a new handle, grew to include total responsibility for all of the mechanical engineering involved in the product. Besides being more robust than the earlier version, the requirement was set that the new version should attain an IP68 rating. For this purpose, the enclosure needs to be fully dustproof and watertight. Because companies such as Boeing are among the clients, CE-certification according to the ATEX Directive, which applies to products used in explosive environments, was also a requirement.


Building a lamp enclosure that would meet IP and ATEX requirements, as well as integrating the electronics, were the biggest challenges. The project was conducted in close collaboration with NEP Norrtälje AB, who were in charge of the electronics and served as the project manager for the project. In addition to the mechanical design, Svekon also constituted the contact to the manufacturer of the plastic and aluminium parts with respect to production adjustments and mountability.

The end result is a compact and extremely robust handheld lamp, constructed as a modular system. There is a standard version of the MidBeam 2.0, and it is also available in two versions for the aviation industry. Each product is available as either a battery- or a mains-powered model.

“Svekon are the first design consultants we have been happy with. They managed to meet all of the requirements made in the specification and more, but, above all, they managed to do so within the given timetable and budget. The design engineers at Svekon listen, question, confirm and then keep their end of the agreement.”

Lisel Athanasiadis, CEO Labino AB