Product development is a common thread throughout our operations.

Svensk Konstruktionstjänst are specialists in product development. Our team will help you to identify winning ideas and transform them into successful products. We solve tough problems quickly and effectively for maximum impact on the market.

Product development is a common thread throughout our operations. The customer’s goals and requirements are naturally kept in focus, but we also bring our experience and passion for problem-solving into the project. After over 3000 different projects of different sizes, we venture to claim that we know a lot about product development.

Regardless of where you are in your project, we will help you to move forward. Our task might be to take a new product from the concept stage through the whole process up to mass production. Other times, our role is to further develop or refine existing products. In those cases, our broad expertise is put to good use and we can quickly familiarise ourselves with the client’s needs. The common characteristics of companies who turn to us are that they need a reliable, flexible and competent partner to help them increase their competitiveness through product development.

Consumer Products

Consumer products

We help you throughout the process from conceptual outline to finished product

Engineering Industry

Engineering industry

Solid experience of developing industrial products

Marine applications

Marine Applications

Selection of materials, calculations, integrated systems and classifications



We are experts in communication equipment and network components



Development with quality and without compromise


When we develop a new product, we follow a well-established product development process. If the client is in the starting phases, we begin with a careful investigation. What sorts of products exist in the market? How does this idea work and what will be important to bear in mind? How will the product be used and what is required of it? In order to get a head start, we carry out one or more brainstorming sessions with the client. Allowing consultants with different areas of expertise to participate ensures that a wide range of ideas is generated. The combination of brainstorming followed by an evaluation is an effective and powerful way to let an idea with the required specifications take form.

Clear communication, not just between our team and the client, but between all partners in the project is of the utmost important. We involve engineers, such as manufacturers and industrial designers, right from the early stages of our product development process. This is in order to attain the right balance of innovation, technology, finance and ergonomics.

We always endeavour to ensure that the product meets customer and market needs and requirements while at the same time working cost-consciously. Why reinvent the wheel? If necessary, we quickly find ready and proven solutions and components from our network of providers.

During concept development, we work from the early stages with physical models and mock-ups. This means that we can identify deficiencies, can adjust the concept and progress more quickly in the product development process.


A product or machine must be easy to use and look appealing. We work on a project-focused basis and involve different areas of expertise to achieve the best possible solution and final product. We often involve industrial designers from the early stages in order to achieve perspective into the interplay between form, function and ergonomics. During the development process, our mechanical solution will be integrated with that of the industrial designer.

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