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Svekon and partners receive the task to replace drive units on the Armed Forces’ track wagon 206 and 208

Nordic Terrain Solutions AB, NTS has signed a contract with FMV. The contract covers the renovation and modification of track wagon 206 and 208. The deliveries will be an important part of ensuring the capability and mobility of the Armed Forces for many years to come.

The company Nordic Terrain Solutions is jointly owned by the companies Svekon, Granit Teknikbyrå, Huddig, Staffare and Swedish Power Improvement. Our project team consists of experts from the respective companies who work together to ensure a delivery that meets the customer’s requirements. Within the company group are all the skills and abilities required to carry out an undertaking of this kind.

The Armed Forces’ track wagon 206 and track wagon 208 were acquired in the late 1970s and are now in need of refurbishment to extend the vehicles’ life and improve their performance.

Through a new agreement with FMV, Svekon and partners have received the assignment, which includes the renovation and modification of at least 800 units. The project includes, in addition to replacing the engines and gearbox, also tools and spare parts, training of drivers and technicians and updating of existing documentation.

We are very proud and satisfied that Svekon is an important part of Bv206 and Bv208 being upgraded and thus delivering increased capability to the Armed Forces. The agreement also marks an important step in our growth and development.

– Martin Frisk, vice VD på Svekon