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”This interest also extends to my spare time”

From the Swedish military to Uppsala University and then on to the Swedish Defense University. Now, he has joined us at Svekon. This is Adam Boork, our new project engineer within defense and security!

Tell us about your background!
I started within the military as an electrical mechanic, where an engineer advised me to continue my education, which led me to mechanical engineering at Uppsala University. When I graduated, I continued with my master’s in Defense and Security at the Swedish Defense University – which was a great fit since I wanted to combine the technical competencies from the civil and the military. While looking for future jobs during my studies I came across Svekon, and after a quick dialogue, it was natural to join them and see how a consulting firm works together with the armed forces and cross-competencies in both worlds.

What are you looking forward to the most?
At the moment, I look forward to seeing how relations grow between different organizations in the process and seeing what you can do to make the process better and more effective.

Do you have a dream project?
One dream is to see that I can design a product on a system level together with the users and then implement it in a bigger “system of systems”, with the logistics it requires to maintain it. In other words, be a part of the cradle-to-grave process that the military users demand.

Do you have an ongoing project at home?
I’m renovating, but it might be a bit boring… I’m into design, so I play around with CAD drawings in my spare time. It can be some military accessories and things like that, so this interest also extends to my spare time.