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”I hope to have the opportunity to apply my expertise in textiles in combination with mechanics”

She started in the textile industry but has now switched to mechanical design. Meet Svekon’s new employee Jenny Petersson!

You came to Svekon directly from school. Tell us about your education!
– I studied 3D-CAD constructor/innovator and did my master thesis at Svekon, but I have previously worked within the textile industry. I have a degree in design technology, which is construction in textiles, including everything from design to finished products.

How come you decided to switch careers?
– I had worked with textiles for about three years when covid came. Then I applied for my program spontaneously because I wanted a plan B if I was to be laid off. It wasn’t really the plan; I probably would have stayed in textiles if it had been a different time. Then I ended up not being laid off, but I thought it seemed fun, so I wanted to try it anyway. I hope to have the opportunity to apply my expertise in textiles in combination with mechanics.

What kind of projects do you enjoy the most?
– Projects that require thinking to solve problems. It’s fun when you find a solution or devise something clever.

What else do you do in your spare time?
– I go to many stand-up shows, which I enjoy. I like to see performances with entertainers who are not that well-known, but many are great. Big Ben is the best venue, then some tiny clubs come up here and there, which can also be good. Some of the talents are new and sometimes really bad, but then someone quite famous can try out their new material for a new show they’re planning. So it can go either way, which is fun! It happens a lot.