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”I’ve missed having a team”

He manages projects on a daily basis and runs long runs on Gelleråsen in his spare time. Get to know Svekon’s latest addition, Johan Stenman.

You will work as project manager at Svekon in Borlänge. What have you done previous to this?
– I have a background in product development and production of textile items. Mainly bags, harnesses and such things. A lot of products for defense and rescue services.

What are you most looking forward to with your new job?
– To work in a team! It’s something that I’ve missed throughout my working life, having a whole team of creative people pushing forward. In my previous roles I’ve been quite alone, whether it’s been quality or product development or production. Now, all of a sudden, there are a lot of talented colleagues to learn from – and be spurred on by. I’m looking forward to it.

What type of project do you enjoy the most?
– Hm, tough question… I think all projects are fun and rewarding in their own way, but I probably enjoy the ones that are aimed at professional users the best. Military, emergency services and such.

Do you have an ongoing project at home?
– Yes, like everywhere. I am renovating a farm that I’m taking over from my father. There will be a lot of carpentry and such at home.

There are rumors that you are involved in motor sport?
– Yes! At a hobby level. We have a small team that runs long races and three of us races. We’re racing in a serie called Nordic Six Hours Cup (NSHC) this year. There are five sub-competitions that take place at Gelleråsen and Kinnekulle, then we’ll see what happens next year.

How does such a competition take place?
– In the morning we train and then there is qualifications for about an hour. You prepare the car and check that everything is in order, then set up and start. Then you drive as many laps as you can in six hours. You change drivers and tanks and things in the meantime. So it’s fun, really fun.