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Svekon presents: The mechanist who took apart his mother’s alarm clock

Svekon presenterar: Mekanisten som skruvade isär mammas väckarklocka

Bengt Arén began his mechanical career back home in his mother’s bedroom. When the alarm clock was taken apart he moved on to cars, and today the now 59-year-old Bengt is a product developer at Svekon.

– I’m a mechanic. If you start talking about electronic stuff, I turn my ears the other way, says Bengt humorously and continues:

– When I studied technics at high school and wanted to learn about electricity … well, that was as boring as waiting for paint to dry. Mechanics is my thing.

And it has been for a while. He got interested already in his younger years, something Bengt’s family sure noticed.
– I took apart my mother’s alarm clock because I wanted to see what it looked like inside. Then she had to buy a new one because I didn’t know how to put it together again.

The alarm clock was soon replaced by motor vehicles, that for long is at the core of Bengt’s life.
– For many years, it was about cars. But I’ve begun to let that go. today I mostly take trips with our boat. Last summer I was away on it for five weeks, it was very wonderful. I didn’t long to go back home even for a moment.

In his profession, Bengt is engaged in product development, something he has been focusing on for the past 25 years. It’s been everything from small plastic components to large machines, but it is not only the products that get him motivated in his professional life.
– For me, the people around me are more important than work. Sure, it would have been great doing something for Lamborghini or something like that, but my aim is rather being in a nice team where we enjoy each other’s company and having fun while we work.

And that teamwork is something he experiences as the key feature at Svekon.
– At Svekon, we focus on the individual. That’s essential to doing a good job, especially in this business. If you do not feel comfortable in your environment, it’s reflected in the result, says Bengt and concludes:

– I’m turning 60 this year, so I’ve been around for a while. But I can tell you that Svekon is the best place I have ever worked at. I’m very happy here.