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Svekon presents: The product developer who got off the ground

Fredrik Nisser header

Get to know Svekon’s Fredrik Nisser. The Borlänge-based product developer who also works in the summer – as a professional pilot.

But more on that later on. In his job as a product developer at Svekon, Fredrik prefers focusing on the usability of his projects.

– This is something close to my heart. To think about how people do when they’re using a specific item. Otherwise, there’s a risk it all remains on paper. Theoretically, it may seem great, but in reality, people do things in a certain way. You have to have a deep understanding of how people think and do in real life, says Fredrik.

What is your education?
– Firstly, I hold a Masters´s degree in product development/ergonomic design. But I’m also a trained commercial pilot. I’ve always been interested in flying.

In fact, Fredrik has worked full time as a professional freight pilot for four years. And his interest is as strong as ever.

– I haven’t given up flying, I’m a professional part-time pilot during summer. My current task is geological measurements. You fly at a height of 60 meters and scan the ground.

What are the benefits of aviation in your work as a product developer?
– I think that you always benefit from various interests and training. You get different views of things. And that applies for everything, flying, forest, music, and nature, that are other things I’m interested in.

In December, Fredrik and his colleagues in Borlänge became part of Svekon. Something he very much welcomes.

– It’s a great team of incredibly talented and optimistic people, both we here and all of those I met in Stockholm. I find it very exciting.