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Svekon presents: The purchaser who became a constructor

vekon presenterar: Inköparen som blev konstruktör

Svekon is growing at record speed. In a series of interviews, we will here introduce our new employees in Borlänge. First up is Cecilia Vinghammar. Cecilia previously worked as a purchaser but decided later on to switch to mechanical engineering.

– It wasn’t until the age of 30, after I had children, that I realized that I wanted to work with technology instead. Then I began to study the basics. There’s always been a lot of technicans around me when I grew up, which I always found interesting. The reason I became a mechanical engineer was probably that it gave a lot of opportunities. You could work both as a project manager and be at the center of things, and at the same time be working with mechanical solutions. This was attractive.

What is your role here at Svekon?
– I mainly work as a designer with everything from small plastic details to bigger and heavier mechanical designs. I often take part in bigger projects and I like to keep things organized and make sure that nothing gets left behind.

Do you have a dream project?
– Frida Prästings asked the same question at the coffee table, haha! No, I’m pretty flexible. I think it’s fun to keep up with documentation in projects, at the same time as I like pure product development as well … but this is probably the case with working in groups, I love that. It feels stimulating, while at the same time it feels very nice. It’s fun when you have the stuff to talk about while getting ahead.

What’s the best thing about your job?
– That it is very varied. I am also a social person, so for me, colleagues are very important. If that relationship works, everything else will fall into place naturally, which I think it does here at Svekon.