Hire an expert through SveKon Resource

Svekon consists of about thirty engineers, each with different skills and backgrounds. You can hire us as a team, where we take full responsibility for running your project towards a goal, or you can choose to use us as a resource in your team.

SveKon Resource is exactly as it sounds – a situation where our consultants become a resource in your team and work with you on your premises. Perhaps you need help with CAD, mechanical design, documentation or project management. Our consultants come to your location and become a part of your team.

Success is best when it’s shared with others

“When we build successful teams together with our customers, I feel my best. It is a privilege to be part of a project run by dedicated and professional people. With the customer’s dreams and desires in focus, we can make the impossible possible. Our experience from over 3000 projects makes us a supplier to rely on.”

Johan Lantz, CEO

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