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”You have to let the young ones come forward”

He left Svekon and moved north four years ago. Now he is back and grateful that the pandemic brought the opportunity to work remote. Meet Svekon’s veteran Mikael Leiumu who was headhunted at the age of 61!

Welcome back! Tell us what you have been doing since last you where here.
The end of 2018 when I quit Svekon I moved to my summer house in Knoppe and took a job as project manager in Sundsvall.

How come you are back?
Many and large scale assignments require more resources, so Svekon reached out and offered me to come back and work remotley, since they knew I had moved north. Now I’m back as Senior System Engineer, both internally and externally. I will not have a leading role in projects, but mainly come in ans support. You can’t let old men do everything, you have to let the young ones come forward. I hope to be able to assist them with answers to various questions, or at least give them a nudge in the right direction.

Was it obvious to say yes when you were asked?
Absolutely! Even though I planned to retire next year. Svekon is the best company I’ve ever worked for, so I’d love to do it a few more years. And the pandemic has shown that working remotely is fine.

What do you do in your spare time?
Then I fish, go quad biking, motorbike or snowboard during the season. I also do a lot of work on our house. We bought it as a summer house and are still making some adaptions to turn it into a year-round residence. For example, I have 28 cubic meters of wood to cut before March to prepare for next winter.