Karossan is one of Sweden’s leading specialists in car interiors and construction. With nearly 70 years experience in add-on work to vehicle interiors, they produce elegant solutions for some of the leading car manufacturers in the world.

Karossan approached Svekon in the spring of 2018 to ask about developing a new care point for the interior of minivans in the police force, all while staying within the scope of the Volkswagen budget.

The care point, which serves as a small cell inside the minivan, exists to facilitate the work of police officers. It can, for example, be used to avoid that unruly person distracting the driver, or avoid sanitary complications if a person is feeling ill.

3D-scanned Space

Existing features of the minivan, such as seat belts and removable car seats, meant that the space for a new addition was limited. Because there were no models of the vehicle available, a full workday was set aside to do a high-precision 3D scan of the minivan.

Omhändertagandeplats till polisens minibussar

Evacuation Door

One need that was apparent for the care point was a newly developed evacuation door. This door needed to have a lock construction that was simple enough to be used in case of an evacuation, yet complex enough to prevent other people in the vehicle from opening it.

Omhändertagandeplats till polisens minibussar

The Result: A Safe Care Point

The foundation of the work cut out for Svekon has been mechanical construction and project management, but Svekon’s expertise in moulding and metalwork was also needed to finish the project. Karossan has been able to access Svekon’s vast network of quality-proven subcontractors. The end result is a safe care point to meet the client’s demands on construction and integration, which will make everyday life for police officers so much easier.