The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, FMV, is part of the Swedish total defense. Their task is to deliver services and equipment to different actors in the Swedish defense. Together with C2 Vertical Safety, we have a joint framework agreement with FMV regarding Safety Equipment Climbing. After successfully delivering operational capability for five years, we have now won the procurement in competition and have gained renewed confidence from FMV and the Armed Forces for another four years.


A More Cost-Effective Solution

In previous agreements, FMV has procured equipment from one supplier, while ILS work and deliverables have been procured from another. This has meant long lead times before resulting in usable equipment. As a result of this joint overall commitment, complete deliveries of system work and equipment, including ILS, occur. The work consists of, among other things, GoF registrations, register maintenance, instruction book and accessory/kit lists. Together, we are part of a delivery project with a common goal: to assist the Armed Forces with the right equipment to operate and practice in a safe way, even at high altitudes.

FMV Ramavtal

Educations and Rates

Within the agreement, we have, together with C2 Vertical Safety trained the Swedish Armed Forces’ mountain guides, personnel who work with tower and mast equipment and specialists in the use of equipment in helicopters. In addition, we have also developed kits for personal protective equipment and Fast- / Friesrope for HKP15 and HKP16 for fast rappelling and extraction in hot zones.

Mikael Johansson

”The collaboration with Svekon in our joint framework agreement with FMV regarding Safety Equipment and Climbing has been both rewarding and developing for us. With our joint overall commitment to FMV, complete equipment deliveries, including ILS, will occur. Svekon’s competence and experience of FMV and the Armed Forces, as well as our knowledge of the materiel, make their mark on everything we undertake and deliver.”

Mikael Johansson, Grundare, Business Manager MIL

About C2 Vertical Safety

Our partner C2 Vertical Safety AB was founded in 1994 by entrepreneurs with many years of climbing experience and solid knowledge from the industry. Today, they are Sweden’s leading distributor of climbing equipment for both rock climbing and high altitude work. They use the products themselves professionally on a daily basis, which means that they know what is required to produce as safe and good solutions as possible. The company believes that fall protection training is a crucial factor for the security system, and therefore also trains instructors in, among others, the Armed Forces and the police.