Innovative and sustainable solutions for the iron, steel, stainless steel and ferroalloys industries are UHT’s focus areas. They develop and deliver solutions for advanced metallurgical processes and equipment worldwide. Their two main product areas are metal granulation, that is, a process in which liquid metal is converted into manageable pellets, and converter refining, for which they offer equipment, special knowledge in the field of metallurgy, and process control systems.

“We have been very pleased with the services of Svekon and with the reinforcing of skills our collaboration with them has entailed. Their consultants quickly became an integral part of the group working on this project.”

Christoffer Lundström, Vice CEO and Project Manager at UHT.

The company is located in Stockholm, Uddeholm and Hagfors. Hagfors and Uddeholm have been associated with the production of quality steel since the 1600’s, when the first ironworks were established in the area.

When UHT set out to develop a new granulation plant intended for pig iron, they enlisted the help of Svekon.

Together with UHT’s development department, Svekon’s Martynas Alijosius worked on designing the world’s largest granulation plant to date, with an intended production capacity of 360 tons per hour. Over the course of the project, the project team was expanded to include other engineers from Svekon: Jenny Norrby and Tony Haraldsson.

The development work proceeded at a fast pace, without any major obstacles. Tasks ranged from developing a summary in order to get an overview of the size and location of the plant as well as what standard components could be used, to the dimensioning of drawings and development of production plans for the granulation tank and machine body. Foundation drawing for the construction and installation of the plant in India were also among the tasks.

The photo of the plant is the property of UHT and published with their permission.