The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) is part of Swedish Total Defence. Their task is to provide services and equipment to the Armed Forces. Svekon has developed a mobile operator site for the Swedish Air Defence, Eldenhet 98.


The background to the project is the military’s introduction of the “air-to-air” missile IRIS-T, which has been adapted to a “ground-based-air-defence” missile. This means that instead of being fired from an aircraft, such as the JAS 39 Gripen, the missile can now also be fired and controlled from the ground. This creates a short-range air defence, adapted for the protection of air bases or other strategically important targets.


The mobile operator site that Svekon has developed brings together some 30 subsystems into a combined system, while at the same time focusing on mobility. One of the things we at Svekon have done is to develop a function where the operator’s screens are folded out of a tripod box, rather than delivering them in separate boxes for mounting in the field. With this type of integrated solution, we were able to deliver a mobile, flexible and easily designed operator site to FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces.

”The collaboration with FMV, SAAB and Diehl Defense, regarding the development and delivery of mobile operator site Eldenhet 98 was very rewarding and interesting. Svekon’s staff have used their many years of knowledge in design, system development and ILS to develop the best possible solution. The ability to combine our competences in the various areas was the biggest success factor in the process. As a result of our overall commitment to FMV, a complete supply of equipment including ILS and System Security was made. We are proud to be part of the development of a modern Swedish air defence.”

Johan Lantz, CEO, Svekon