Saab is Sweden’s largest defence contractor. The company develops and delivers a range of products, including management systems, fighter jets and radar systems. Svekon has developed and delivered communications equipment for vehicle attachments that can be integrated with the new armored grenade launcher vehicle Mjölner (GrkPbv 90).

Saab came to Svekon with a modernization of a previously developed fire-control system for their new grenade launcher vehicle, for which a modem with transmitter and receiver needed to be developed to be compatible with the old system. Together with our partners, we have worked for over a year on mechanical construction, electronics, software development, test development, production and testing.

The result is a modem connected to a laptop that communicates with the receiver unit mounted inside the vehicle.


Previously, other systems have been used for this type of communication. With Saab’s newly developed fire-control system, the process becomes smoother – but to ensure communication between old and new systems, the new modem needed broader functionality. This has created a more complex product where – to put it in simple terms – it is possible to connect different systems to the same unit.


Because the conditions at the end user level are extremely tough, an important part of the assignment has been to ensure tolerance to outside disruptions within the communication equipment. It has been carefully developed and tested to endure outside stress, which has resulted in a product that is exceptionally rugged.