After the first series of Twistshake bottles were launched worldwide, Twistshake returned to Svekon with a new desire to expand its product range. This time there was a whole new series of bottles aimed at the older children. The series consisted of three sizes of sippy cups, where the design would be based on speed and sportiness, totally opposite from most bottles on the market that often have a soft and cute focus on animals and figures.


Functionality above all, was the goal when spill-free bottles, crushing nets, hygiene and easy handling were project inputs. Waves was something that we together, at an early state during the project identified as a symbol of speed, and playfulness.

After a series of prototypes, tests and verifications, the bottle grew and soon the new series of Wave bottles could be presented. Sporty, Fast and playful with the functionality in focus.


One of the biggest challenges of working with Twistshake is to deliver new products that are innovative, functional, of high quality, in an extremely short time and meet the Twistshake design requirements.

“Working with Twist Shake is a more than varied and exciting job, where brains have to work at full speed in order to realize their driven entrepreneurship and the pursuit to produce the best products.” – Mechanical Designer Hampus Krantz.

”Svekon is flexible and always delivers at short notice which is crucial for us in an expansive phase. We also have fun together when we together bounce ideas and concepts back and forth until the right concept and right product emerge. This team work results in better and more innovative products.”

Vienar Roaks, CO-Founder Twistshake